Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ah the new year

The new year is almost upon us, I feel almost excited, well more expectant.
I've had a lovely Christmas, very family orientated - the way it should be, nice presents and friends popping up from far flung places as if they only live round the corner.

My new years resolutions are probably the same ones everyone makes
  • To make more of everyday - this does mean I've got to spend less time sitting around daydreaming and more time actually doing things.
  • To appreciate my friends and family more. I have allowed myself to get irritated too easily and as my sister's expecting my first niece or nephew I need to grow in to my role of a bubbly mad auntie Soni.

On the illustration front, I guess my first resolution applies. I had meant to get a ton of work done this holiday but I've allowed myself a lot of time for kicking back and enjoying the holidays. I've written most of my essay, but I'm not convinced it makes sense so may go in for a re-write.

I do however feel recharged and ready for the year ahead.

I'm not religious but I do hope everyone else is well, with friends, and feeling seasonably satisfied. X

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