Friday, January 05, 2007

Friends, grass, and other green things

I still have the gloopy hangings on of my christmas cold. It is gross and I'm fed up.

I've had an email from a friend who lives on the other side of the world and he's all depressed and lonely, and too damn far away for me to do much about it. He's been away for three years, and only been back to visit once. I hope he's ok. He believes that he's suffering from the grass is always greener.

He believes his life was better over here, when he lived here he thought that life would be better over there. I know exactly what he means, it is that time of year where we reflect on things and very rarely find ourselves satisfied.

I've been doing exactly that and well maybe things aren't so bad, I have good friends, a nice home and I get to do lots of things I want to do. Sure I'd love lots of success, to travel more and a bigger house but I think I can get by quite happily how I am at the moment.

Day five of the new year and so far I've managed to keep up my resolutions. I've done something creative everyday, and tried to be there for family and friends.

Here's to happiness! More stars, flowers and stuff for everyone.

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lorna said...

Oh, the grass is always greener is horrible. My dad has it and so is always wanting to go somewhere else, do a different job, pack his bags and move on. (He did this and went to New Zealand and ever since has wondered about coming back).

A good thing to counteract it is to list five good things whenever you feel yourself yearning for new pastures or looking at what everyone else is doing. I count them on my fingers as soon as I have negative thoughts and it really helps. Perhaps it'll help your friend?

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