Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well, due to the impending move, I've been going through stuff trying to get rid of things that
A - I don't need + B - won't have room for anymore.
I came across this fab photo booth project from the first year of my Ba. I love it, I'd completely forgotten I'd done, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

It was done in the old style photo booth machines - the ones that take four different photos in a strip, not the modern ones that take one digital pic and print it 4 times in a square. The idea was to look like different personalities in each pic, meaning i had to change hats and wigs in between flashes. I'm extra pleased with it because I remember I did it first time and I look so young, Ah....

On the research front I have discovered an animated short by Peter Peake released by Aardman (those crazy types who did Wallace & Gromit) in 1998. Its about two bored shadow guys, who live in a shadow world, and decide to make shadow puppets to pass the time but its quirky, funny and sarcastic - all my favourite things.

I personally would have preferred it if some monsters were involved too, but hey you can't have everything. Here is a little shadow ghost done in the spirit of Peter Callesen.

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