Friday, March 07, 2008

100th Post!

This is my 100th post, but it's not a happy one I'm afraid.

A very close friend who I love to pieces is in hospital today waiting for brain surgeory. She has a tumour and although it's benign it's still bloody scary. She's brave and tough but I can't stop thinking about her and what she's going through.

I've known her since I was nine, she and her daughter feel like family to me. She has been through so much before and always come through smiling, I hope with all my heart that she will be back to her bouncy fun-loving self soon.

The operation is on Monday, I doubt I'll rest until she's in recovery.


Sarah said...

After reading this post your comment on my blog has more meaning. Very best wishes to your friend, and strong thoughts to both of you.

Laura B said...

Thinking of your friend, I hope all goes well. My little cousin had a big operation on Friday so I know how anious it can be just waiting :)

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