Monday, December 01, 2008

December Woop!

The first of December already!
Where has the year gone?

The air is mighty nippy and there is talk of snow, so it is properly winter now.

I've actually already had a Christmas dinner too. Some friends of mine are going travelling for six weeks and will be on the other side of the globe for the festive period so they decided to have Christmas dinner before they went. We had a full roast lunch and pulled crackers and drank and laughed and chatted into the small hours of the next day. I think I'm still recovering...

Anyway it's an optimistic time of year and so I plan to continue the festive feeling as long as possible. The Christmas fair is approaching so I'm busy tinkering with things for that but I also plan to try and do a picture a day till christmas - a sort of advent, it may all go a stray as things get busier bit... I'll post the first picture later today.

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