Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Day!

I love pancake day, I eat pancakes quite often anyway but this is the day when I eat the most pancakes.
Today I’m going to have them with lemon and honey… yum yum.
I quite like chili in pancakes as a savoury option too.

On the illustration front I’m working on some self-promotion booklets. I’m just at the stage where I’m playing with the format and content but I want to send out something other than just postcards. Something with about four images inside that I can adjust to fit the client. I’m quietly excited about them, just need to get them right. I’ll still send out postcards too as they’re such an immediate form of promotion… but first, and today more importantly – PANCAKES!

1 comment:

andrealynn said...

oh how yummy pancakes sound to me right now!!! You started something =P And Chili in pancakes? kinda scared but SO curious to try them out

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