Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday hmmm

It has been a quite day today but as I write this there is a man in the flat upstairs singing show tunes, badly. The thaw has begun, there are drips falling everywhere outside and the ground is mainly covered in grey slush. I'm starting to miss how perfectly clean, bright and beautiful the snow made everything. Yet at the same time I can't wait for spring, and flowers, and butterflies, and blue skies....
I went to my MA graduation yesterday. It was great fun, really nice to see everyone again and plus I actually felt like I achieved something.
There was a man who got an Honorary Doctors from the Uni for his contribution to Theatre design and he said something very enlightening in his speech. I may not remember the exact words but it was something like:

'You are uniquely you, no one else can be you, think your thoughts and create what you will create. As artists we will never be satisfied by our work, and will doubt it's greatness, and often feel frustrated that it is not as good as we hoped it would be. However as artists it should not be for us to measure our creations or worry how great they are, but just pursue our need to create. It is this endless drive to make and do that makes us artists, but if we examine and worry too much it stifles the inspiration we may have. We should keep our minds open, be lead where our creativity takes us and leave it to others to decide how great our work is, because as artists we will never be content.'

It struck me that there was truth in that.
Now for more inspiration meet Lenaah she is an incredibly talented young photographer, whose work I find captivating.

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Apryl said...

congratulations! what a great achieviement. I hoep you have a lovely weekend to celebrate.

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