Friday, May 29, 2009

The owl, the flowers and the woods

The owl, I doodled this at work today. I keep drawing owls at the moment. I think I may have to do a series of them at some point.
I bought myself some flowers at the weekend to brighten up the lounge, but today I got given some more from my temping job. I was slightly embarrassed at the time but reflecting upon it now - it's always nice to get flowers, right? So now I've got a vase full in the kitchen and the lounge... brilliant!
I made a lovely discovery at the weekend that I've just not had chance to tell you about - Chancery Wood:

Isn't it gorgeous? I think it is the prettiest wood I've been to, and it's only half an hour away from home!!! I can't believe I've lived down here for well over a year without discovering it. Perfect for those long summer walks, it's full of flowers and birds.

1 comment:

Carol Anne Strange said...

I love your owl! The flowers and the woods are beautiful too. What a discovery!

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