Monday, August 02, 2010

Lady Jackalope

One of the things I've really loved doing recently is getting back into painting. I had an oval canvas that has been sitting around for months just waiting for something to happen to it.
One smudgy sketch later, and it was ready for a duck egg blue wash of acrylic. I like remixing the colour with extra green and blue as I build up layers, I think it gives more texture.
Next I added a lovely deep ultramarine blue to create a bold forest background. I have to be careful not to get carried away painting branches, painting trees is something I've never got out of my system.
Then I added some more colours. I could have done the whole thing in a glorious indulgence of blues and greens, but sometimes a little red and purple goes a long way.
I then like to put the painting to one side for a bit, somewhere where I can see it and stare at it. I then gradually add the details - the shadows and highlights until what I see matches with what I had imagined it would look like: And sometimes the painting isn't quite what I started out to do but is a nice surprise t the end.
I'll be listing 'Lady Jackalope' for sale tomorrow at 9.00pm GMT. I'll post the details here.
More paintings on their way, real soon. x


Stephanie Ryan said...

Love her! I also love seeing the process. Thanks!

AbbieBabble said...

I love this painting, and I love how you showed us the process- very, very inspiring.

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