Saturday, March 05, 2011

Brush pen girl

I treated myself to a selection of gorgeous Japanese brush pens of various colour, size and make. They are great fun to draw with, and I love the results. You can get the effect of drawing with a brush dipped in ink without all the mess.

If you want to get some to try for yourself, I can really recomend these


mangalatte said...

You blog is very great !
Those brushes look very cool.
Your drawing is beautiful, i love it ! it reminds me the art of the videogame Okami ! You make good use of them ! :)

mangalatte said...

I forgot to ask wich sort of paper did you use for this drawing ?

ickleson said...

Hi Mangalatte, just standard cartridge paper, although I have taken to using recycled cotton rag paper for more texture :)

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