Friday, May 27, 2011

Friends: furry and non furry

I now live with a little Russian Dwarf called Monty, he's very feisty, likes cornflakes and running. He's isn't the Dachshund I was hoping for but is very charming and makes me laugh.
A very good friend of mine had a little boy called Jacob at the beginning of the month, so I made him a happy bunny as a welcome to the world gift. I'm quite pleased with it (almost kept it for myself), so I may make a few more and see if they'll sell on etsy.

I also made this papercut birthday card for another May baby, only this one was born 30 years ago and is soon to have a little one of her own. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy papercut, I'm busy doodling some more designs that I think will look pretty good in paper too.

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