Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cake & Cards

At the weekend I went to a lovely sunny summer wedding, where the highlight of the day was the cake. It was a Choccywoccydoodah (they're based in Brighton) and was created out of white chocolate and delicious chocolate fudge sponge.
 The other thing to catch my eye recently was a little parcel from Moo. It landed on my doormat and inside were my new business cards.
I am so completely in love with them - especially the rounded corners. I am carrying them with me everywhere, so if our paths should cross feel free to ask me for one.


emma o'brien said...

beautiful cards! and the king of all cakes, I don't think i have ever seen a better cake!

Quirky Boots said...

ohgoodness that cake is *i'm speechless*
moo cards are the best arent they x

Quirky Boots said...

ah i can link back now, i totally forgot which blog i saw this on, i was too excited lol x

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