Saturday, April 28, 2012

I must not buy another notebook

I have recently completed a huge spring clean and de-clutter of my flat. I sorted through all my hoarded treasures and got rid of a lot... some stuff went to the charity shop, some went on ebay and some just got recycled. I'm left with a well organised home, I know where everything is, and I feel better for getting rid of all those things I no longer need.

To my shock and horror (secret delight) I found I have stockpiled a lifetimes supply of notebooks and sketchbooks, most of which I've hardly used - some never at all. So I here by swear that I will not buy a new notebook until I have used the ones I already own (except I probably will next time I'm in Paperchase... shh!)

After the realisation that I am a paper addict I read this clever blog, my favourite quote being:

27. You've found yourself standing in WHSmith fondling Moleskin notebooks. And in Muji smooshing them against your face.

So true! least I'm not alone :)

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