Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making the most of a bad situation

Somehow, during all the excitement of getting ready for Christmas, I did something, I don't know what, to my back. Yesterday, I finally had enough of hobbling round like a crone and went to see the doctor who prescribed super strong painkillers (no drink no driving) and a course of taking things easy (no hopping over to Devon for the weekend).

So now I'm trying to find things to do whilst not actually being capable of doing much of anything at all - even drawing seems difficult as I can't get in a comfortable position long enough to really get into it. Hence, finally getting round to adding something to my much neglected blog.

5 ways I'm making the most of a bad back situation:

1. Cuddling the puppy  - Ted happily doubles up as a hot water bottle and gives me the sympathy I crave.

 2. Watching tutorial videos - to learn more about the software I often use, to find out what the short cuts and impressive tricks are.

3. Watching Christmas TV - something which can be good or bad but generally there are uplifting storylines which stop me feeling glum.

4. Writing lists - like this blog post, plus shopping lists, plans for 2014, thank you letters etc. I'm using Wunderlist as it has very satisfying tick boxes, syncs between my phone, ipad and laptop, and I can email the lists too which is very handy when someone else needs to pick your shopping up for you.

5. Listening to pod casts - I don't normally have the patience to sit and listen to pod casts but I'm choosing inspirational ones like the TED talks, 99u and motivational/business ones to keep my mind ticking over and ready for when I regain full mobility. Here is one of my favourites so far, especially as she swears like a trooper:

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Facebook portraits

I have had a lot of fun recently drawing portraits of the super colourful and interesting folk I'm connected to on Facebook.
I you want your portrait done click here to find out how.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shameless Selfie

A little self portrait, I was going to add colour but in the end I decided I love it black and white.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I can't believe we're at the end of May already. This year is whizzing by so quickly. Since our move to the country side we've been so busy. So many nice places to explore.

 The fields behind our house have a fantastic view.
The skies can be spectacular.
 The biggest change has been adopting a little rescue pup - Ted. He's a lively but daft character and over the past couple of months he's fitted into our home perfectly. He sleeps under my desk when I'm working and reminds me to take a break if I've been there for too long.

We go for fantastic long walks (in all weathers).
We took him to Devon for a holiday:
His sleeping habits can be a little strange...
And he wasn't impressed with his trip to the vets.

Overall, we can't really imagine not having him around.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby it's cold outside

Well it certainly is a winter wonderland here in the countryside. Everything looks beautiful, clean and white and people are rosy cheeked and bright eyed.

I've rambled about the hills admiring it all but now I'm tucked up by the fire with a sketch book. I sort of hope it stays around as it slows everything down and enforces a certain level of hermitdom.


Friday, January 11, 2013

January Dreams

 I treated myself to a Rob Ryan calendar with the idea of staying inspired all year to be organised and create images that make me smile. It hangs in the corner of my studio so I can stare at it and day dream.

January is the time of year everyone makes big plans and resolutions and I admit that I am no different. However, there is still one thing outstanding from last year. The plan was to move to countryside (tick) and get a dog (I'd love a sausage dog, but we'll have to wait and see). I now find myself living in a gorgeous country cottage with a bug garden but so far - no dog.

I've been working away from home every week since moving here, and it would not have been fair to get a pet and leave it on its own all day, but after this month that ends. So now my calendar is used for a different purpose - counting down the days until I might get a dog. There is one other hurdle and that is getting the landlord's permission - fingers crossed.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New year, new home

I realise it has been six months or so since I last posted anything, and looking back I'm not surprised - a lot has happened.

We waved goodbye to our little flat in Weybridge and moved out to the Berkshire countryside. I now find myself living in a cosy little cottage in a village with no shops. My home is a little warm hobbit hole with beamed walls and ceilings, an open fire and a garden. I live amongst rivers, farms and rolling hills and recently some very impressive flooding:

This is very different to the cities and towns I've always lived in but I truly love my new home. I find myself planning what is going to go in the vegetable patch, going on long winding walks in wellies and considering getting a dog.

So it is a fresh new year in a new house, with evenings snuggled up by the fire, there is a lot of plotting and scheming still to do, I wonder what 2013 will bring.

Happy New Year
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